LCMH001 Synthetic Fiber Mannequin Head

Short Description:

Essential Tools for Aspiring Hairdressers and Cosmetologists

  • Material: High Temperature Fiber
  • Length: 26 Inch
  • Color: 1B#,4#,27#,30#,171#,613# in stock, acceptable customerized



A mannequin training head, also known as a cosmetology mannequin head or hairdressing mannequin, is an essential tool for aspiring hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetology students. These mannequin heads are designed to provide a realistic platform for practicing various hair techniques, including cutting, coloring, styling, and braiding. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about mannequin training heads:

Features of Mannequin Training Heads

  1. Hair Type:

    • Synthetic Hair: Made from plastic fibers, synthetic hair is cost-effective and good for basic styling practice but may not withstand heat styling or chemical treatments well.
    • Human Hair: Offers the most realistic experience for cutting, coloring, and styling. Human hair can withstand heat and chemical treatments, making it ideal for advanced training.
  2. Hair Length:

    • Mannequins come with various hair lengths, typically ranging from short (6-8 inches) to long (20-24 inches), allowing practice with different styles and techniques.
  3. Hair Texture:

    • Available in different textures including straight, wavy, curly, and kinky to mimic various natural hair types.
  4. Scalp and Face:

    • Some mannequins feature a realistic scalp with parting lines, allowing for more precise sectioning. The face can range from basic to highly detailed, sometimes with makeup for additional practice.
  5. Mounting:

    • Mannequin heads often come with a clamp or stand that can be attached to a table or counter for stability during practice.

Types of Mannequin Training Heads

  1. Standard Mannequin Head:

    • Basic models with synthetic or human hair for general styling practice.
  2. Professional Mannequin Head:

    • Higher-quality heads with human hair, ideal for advanced training in cutting, coloring, and perming.
  3. Male Mannequin Head:

    • Features shorter hair and is used for practicing men’s hairstyles and barbering techniques.
  4. Makeup Mannequin Head:

    • Designed specifically for practicing makeup application, these mannequins often have detailed facial features and may not have hair.
  5. Ethnic Mannequin Head:

    • Represents various ethnicities, providing diverse hair textures and features for more inclusive training.

How to Choose the Right Mannequin Training Head

  1. Determine Your Training Needs:

    • Consider what techniques you need to practice (cutting, coloring, braiding) and choose a mannequin head that meets those requirements.
  2. Choose the Hair Type:

    • For heat styling and chemical treatments, human hair mannequins are preferable. For basic styling and budget-friendly options, synthetic hair mannequins are suitable.
  3. Consider Hair Length and Texture:

    • Select a length and texture that match the styles you want to master. For example, longer hair is better for practicing updos and braiding.
  4. Check for Mounting Options:

    • Ensure the mannequin comes with a stable stand or clamp for ease of use during practice.
  5. Read Reviews and Recommendations:

    • Look for reputable brands and read reviews from other students or professionals to ensure the quality and durability of the mannequin head.

Maintenance and Care

  1. Regular Cleaning:

    • Wash the hair with appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using harsh chemicals on synthetic hair.
  2. Detangling:

    • Gently detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb or brush to prevent matting and breakage.
  3. Storage:

    • Store the mannequin head in a dry, cool place, preferably on a stand or mannequin holder to maintain its shape and condition.

By considering these factors, you can select a mannequin training head that best suits your needs and helps you hone your hairstyling skills effectively.

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